All times are “air times”. You will spend additional time briefing before your flight as well as taxi, loading & unloading.

15 minutes
$275 Single Passenger

Don’t miss this opportunity to actually fly the venerable “Pilot Maker” (No pilot’s License or experience required) – Imagine yourself as a young Army Air Corps or Naval Cadet about to embark on your first training mission. Once you are in the air, this introductory flight gives you a personal peek into how military pilots trained for their historic WWII combat missions. This is a great selection for the first time warbird pilot, nostalgia buffs, modelers and low time pilots.

30 minutes
$475 Single Passenger

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to fly inverted in an airplane this is your opportunity to find out. Prior to take-off your pilot will thoroughly brief you regarding the aerobatic maneuvers you will be performing. He will also go over the bailout procedures in the unlikely event of an emergency. This flight includes lots of “hands-on” experience as well as aileron rolls, barrel rolls and loops just like you’ve seen at the air shows.