Welcome to Biplane Rides Over Atlanta, Inc.

Biplane Rides Over Atlanta, Inc. is an Atlanta-based company which offers rides, sightseeing tours and aerobatic flights for hire to the public in the Boeing PT-17 “Stearman” (single seat open cockpit biplane), the Waco (two seat open cockpit biplane) and the venerable North American AT-6 “Texan” (WWII advanced combat trainer). Each of these aircraft are fully restored and among the finest examples of their kind in the country. We are committed to the preservation of these historically significant aircraft. Our current plans include the development of a non-profit museum know as the Atlanta Air Corps and the acquisition and restoration of other vintage warbirds.

Also, as a part of our business philosophy we believe in being a good corporate citizen and giving back to our local community. Each year we donate countless flight certificates to local causes to auction for various charitable events. We also sponsor our annual “Good Neighbor Day” event on the second Saturday in September of each year. This event is for local residents only. So if you are a “local” be sure to come out and join us for a free barbeque sandwich and a cold drink. You can also take advantage of discounted airplane rides or just take the opportunity to get your picture taken in front of one of our beautiful airplanes. Bring the entire family and plan to have a good time.

We deeply appreciate your patronage!

Your support enables us to restore and maintain these aircraft for the enjoyment of thousands who would otherwise never have the opportunity to experience this “50 year flight back in time”.